02 September, 2010

[Trans] 100902 Park Min Young Uploads Pictures From SungKyunKwan Set

I never thought that Yoochun and Joong Ki would be making faces like that behind us. Kang Sung Pil, Joong Ki and Yoochun always spread a happy virus around the set.
During break times, we get together, chat and have a good time. Can’t you imagine what the atmosphere is like on location just from this one photo?

‘Tada~’ This is a photo from the press conference that was held at the Walker Hill Hotel last month.
For the fashion show before the interview, all the main characters and the director got together for a photo. Oh my~ Everyone is too tall. T_T

I stood next to Yoochun, my partner in the drama, during the fashion show. How do we look? Do we look good together?
Yoochun was very sincere and hard working during the fashion show like he always is on set.
He’s a friend you can learn a lot from.

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