18 August, 2010

[Vid+Trans] 100818 SungKyunKwan Scandal in KBS Ent. Notebook News

The new KBS drama with F4 from Joseon Dynasty that already gathered a lot of attention: Sungkyunkwan scandal.
I met the gang of 4 boys over flower. Let’s start now.
Kimbum, Kim HyunJoong, Lee Minho and Lee Joon. Did Jeoson Dynasty got the F4 syndrome from last year and create it again?
At the end of this month, the new boys over flower will be aired.
Yesterday, new KBS drama “Sungkyunkwan scandal” started the briefing of this amazing production.
The 4 made their entrance wearing hangbok. What a heartwarming sight~
(talks about the drama story)
Were you a friendly “Flower gang of 4″?
I think that because we have similar age, we get closer really fast, more than with the others from the cast.
As a member of Asian group TVXQ, Yoochun is already loved a lot. This time, he’s in the acting path and will perform Lee SeonJun in Joseon Dynasty.
Question: Did you have any problem by taking this challenge? (acting)
Yoochun: There was no pressure but I think I had a lot of fun when there where changes.
Question: Do you have acting experience?
Yoochun: Yeah.. sure I do..
Pretty confused at his words? So I prepared. This is a scene from Yoochun Japanese drama “Beautiful Love”.
What to do? Doesn’t he naturally look like a Japanese ambassador?
What about reactions around you?
Yoochun: My close friends (who saw it) are really few. Those who did, most of them told me they liked it a lot.
Park MinYoung, from sitcom “High Kick” (…)
What is it acting with handsome men?
I think they are really nice people whom I liked acting with… now we are just friends..
Who’s the nicest one?
Last time I bought to eat.
He bought dinner once. Him (Yoochun) also once.. But I don’t think AhIn ever did
Yoo AhIn, please buy to eat!
In 2008, Song JoongKi debuted in a movie (…)
Did you have hard time while filming?
Wearing a hangbok with this hot weather was so hard. But I think that viewers will enjoy seeing those pretty costumes.
Omona, let’s see how beautiful!
JoongKi dressed in traditional costumes and shows beauty, he’s really more beautiful than flower.
4 people with same age, the acting competition will be great.
Is there any rivalry?
Since we are partners, it was easy to tell hard feelings and also to accept it (???). I don’t think there was rivalry.
Honestly, there was no sign of rivalry?
(look at JoongKi who was about to answer LOL)
No they didn’t. This is my point of view as the woman among them ..
Ok now, I got heels (to kick her ass? ^^). Really, I’ve been trying to talk!
Dear Entertainment Notebook viewers, until now, you were watching the gang of 4 from SKKS.
Please, give a lot of love to Sungkyunkwan Scandal!
video: kokayz + uploader
trans: Kenoa@sharingyoochun
credits: sharingyoochun.net
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