20 August, 2010

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Rehearsal images are up on the Official Site(Laughs) Thank you for your supportive messages for the members, who are also working hard today. Because it’s hot, everyone please take care~!
Junsu and Jejung are well too, so please do not worry! They can’t wait for a-nation (Laughs) For everyone’s message, we will definitely show it to them at tomorrow’s rehearsal. Good night!

Thank you. I believe that the three will work so hard that their efforts will reach Korea. Please give them your support! (RT: We are supporting them from Korea too ^.^)
Somehow, Yuchun is the most energetic one! (Laughs) (RT: Is Yuchun’s physical condition alright? Please tell the three to take care of their themselves.)
a-nation rehearsal now! The members are really energetic! There is only a bit of time before the real show, so they are really working hard~
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