14 August, 2010

[Trans] 100813 Changmin – ELLE Girl Touch!

All the Q&As which are unpublished yet through all 4 parts of Changmin’s Ultimate Choices we posted before!

Elle Girl Touch!

Changmin’s Ultimate Choice
Q: Regarding trends…
Do you follow it quickly or wait and see (see how it works) ?
A: Wait and see.
“I’m pretty careful. For example, when iPhone was released everyone recommended me to buy it, but I was hesitated then the new iPhone 4 was released (laughs). Everytime I hesitate to buy something, the new one would be released. This time, I absolutely will buy it.”
Q: If you choose one to be your girlfriend…
Beyonce or Lady Gaga?
A: Beyonce.
“Well… Do I have to choose? (laughs) if there are only these two women in the earth, I will choose Beyonce. I don’t hate Gaga, but she has a strong personality so I might fight a lot with her.”
Q: Which is more important to you…
news or twitter?
A: News.
I don’t see blogs or twitters at all. Once I open my PC, I only search for sports news on the internet. Of course I’m interested in Twitter, but I fear to get too hooked up that I no longer can live without it! I’m the type that is easy to get addicted.”

credit: onlychangmin
trans:  sharingyoochun.net
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