12 August, 2010

[trans] 100811 sungkyunkwan scandal to hold large-scale variety production report conference!

KBS 2TV's new miniseries , which is receiving love from both domestic and overseas fans, is preparing a unique production report conference that mirrors a large-scale variety show.

The production report conference, which will be held on the 17th, will not follow the traditional form of introducing the drama and holding a press conference. Instead, it plans to please the eyes and ears with various attractions such as a mask performance, laser show and hanbok fashion show.

Also, another reason why this production report conference is so unique is because it will be the first to be simultaneously aired live on both Daum (www.daum.net) and KBSi (www.kbsi.co.kr). This has never been done before, and it can be seen as a surprise gift for domestic and overseas fans who have been supporting .

PD Kim Yeon Sung of said, "We have prepared a unique production report conference filled with various attractions in order to give back to our fans who have been supporting and waiting for ," and "Not only will our press conference be unique, but will also bring something special with a new 'Historical Youth' genre. We've all been working hard so please continue to give us your support."


Source: [osen+SKK Official Site]
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