13 August, 2010

[Trans] 100811 Changmin’s Ultimate Choice Part 4‏

Question 12
Q: Which punishment game is more cruel to you,
completing a full marathon or have head shaved?
A: To have head shaved.
Full marathon is about 42.195 km, you think you really can complete it? The staff asked Changmin. But he showed a relax expression and said “I like sweating while running.” It’s nice to see Changmin sings or dances but it’s also nice to see a fresh appearance of him running a marathon!?

Question 13
Q: I heard that you write songs…
do you write it continuously and save it each day (until it’s finished) or finish it at once?
A: Write the song continuously and save it. He doesn’t write songs lately, but basically he is the type who making efforts everyday. “I also write a diary continuously, I do it with a feeling of writing a note.” he said.

Question 14
Q: Do you save your favorite food for the last or eat it first?
A: Save it for the last. Staff asked if it was a shortcake, did he eat the strawberry first? and he said “I like strawberry on shortcake, but I like the sponge and cream more. So I’ll eat the fruits in the middle of eating.” After all he actually saves his favorite food for the last.

Question 15
Q: Which one you scared more,
Ghosts or a girl who burns in anger?
A: Both. “I don’t have extrasensory perception but ghosts are chimeric so I’m scared. But a girl who burns with anger is also scary. There are some parts (of the anger) that men don’t understand about. So both of them are scary.” It is so Changmin who thought about the whole questions well and answered them earnestly.

credit: elle girl blog
trans: hiromi@sharingyoochun
shared by: sharingyoochun.net + c3jj

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