24 August, 2010

[INFO] “Heading to the Ground” will be broadcasted in Central and Latin America

The Korean drama, protagonists by Uknow Yunho, leader of the Popular group TVXQ pass the borders of Asia reaching different countries of America including Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. This is because at the last Fair NATPE 2010, the largest convention of television stations throughout America and the channels that reach around the world to offer their series and franchises, channels such as KBS, MBC and SBS in South Korea, announced to have closed successful negotiations in order to their most popular dramas are transmitted in different contries around Latin and Central America and is expected that the called “Korean wave” invade these countries.
Although not yet know the exact date of commencement of emissions or schedules are known to “Heading to the Ground”, arrived in the Latin countries under the name of “Sin Limites” (“Without Limits “), in the case of Peru is known to be delivered under the open signal chanel  “Panamericana Television”, HTTG would arrive with different success of korean television such as Boys Over Flowers, Spring Waltz, Full House and Love Strikes.
Sources: Blog.pucp + mundohallyu+PanamericanaTelevision
Written by: Nononi @ TPF / TVXQPerú

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