16 May, 2011

[TRANS] 110504 Choikang Changmin Is The Son Of Yangpa’s 3rd Year High School Teacher!

A special bond between singer Yangpa and her junior, TVXQ member Choikang Changmin has been revealed.

On 4 May, people in the music industry revealed that Yangpa’s 3rd Year High School homeroom teacher is actually Choikang Changmin’s father. Yangpa studied at Seoul’s Jungkyung High in 1997 and graduated in the following year.

Yangpa’s management company also confirmed this fact.

Yangpa’s company also expressed on that day that “This is something that Yangpa herself said. We heard that her homeroom teacher in the 3rd year of High School is Choikang Changmin’s father.” and “Till now, Yangpa still views Choikang Changmin’s father as the teacher that she most respects in her entire student life.”

Also, Yangpa will be performing in the mid-May Teacher’s day special, KBS’s “Teacher-Student Concert,” and much attention has been on whether she will be able to meet with Choikang Changmin’s father after such a long time.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Star News]
Translated: dongbangdata.net
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