10 April, 2011

[INFO] 110408 A Chance To Volunteer At JYJ's US Concert


If you are interested in experiencing the excitement of the happenings behind the dazzle of the stage, come volunteer for one of our events! You must be at least 18 years of age in order to volunteer.

Most of the events presented or coordinated by POWERHOUSE will come with an opportunity to volunteer. Opportunities will include a variety of responsibilities, from dressing room staffing to crowd control.

Volunteer opportunities are normally available on the day of the event and only limited to our members. However, every so often, there may be volunteer opportunities available on non-event days as well, so make sure you keep up with the announcements. Members interested in volunteering must notify Powerhouse via email host@powerhouselive.net within the given time frame officially announced via Email, Facebook, and/or Twitter. Only those who submit a request within this time frame will be considered for volunteering.

The email must have the subject line "VOLUNTEER: (Name of the concert)" or it will not be responded to.
 In other words, if you do not receive a reply from us, then that means you did not follow directions. (Note: Not being able to follow simple directions tells us that you will have a difficult time following directions as an event volunteer.) If the concert is part of a tour taking place in multiple cities, you must include the name of the city in the subject line as well. The volunteer MUST be a registered member on the Powerhouse website www.powerhouselive.net/register.aspx, like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Los-Angeles-CA/POWERHOUSE/71968914565?ref=mf, and follow us on Twitter twitter.com/powerhouselive.
**IMPORTANT** In the body of the email, please include the following:
1) Full Legal Name (as shown on ID)
2) Age (include birthdate)
3) Contact Number
4) Primary Email
5) Spoken Languages
6) Time Availability on the Day of Event
7) Past Powerhouse Volunteer Experiences
8) Powerhouse Website UserName
9) Facebook Name
10) Twitter ID

Appropriate Powerhouse staff will review all requests and choose volunteers based on task availability and requirements. The selected volunteers will then be notified for confirmation and given further details/instructions. Each volunteer must submit a signed Volunteer Waiver Form before or on the day of the event. (A new waiver form must be submitted for each event.) Once the volunteer list is finalized for the specific event, we will again make an official announcement via Email, Facebook, and/or Twitter so that all who have submitted a request will have an answer.

For more information on volunteering for our events, please email: host@powerhouselive.net


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