20 February, 2011

[Vid+Trans] 110202 – Japanese News about JYJ

Updated with trans~ (Sorry for the wait everyone!)

Narrator: This time’s Pop Pop Seoul story will be JYJ feature! With the great support of all the fans, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have started new as JYJ. We will be presenting JYJ with a mixture of their concert clips!
[JYJ Worldwide Showcase in Seoul 2010.10.12]
Junsu: Hello!
Jaejoong: Everyone, thank you so much for coming today!
Yoochun: Let’s make this a fun time together. Please take care of us from now on too.
Narrator: The showcase on this day was extremely crowded. Standing on many stages and with the interest of many fans, the 3 have finally returned after a long time. They showed the fans who had been waiting all this time wonderful performances.
Host: What were your hardships in America?
Jaejoong: English…In Japan we did a lot of activities so it was a bit easier…
Host: Are you confident?
Jaejoong: Not really…
Host: There are a lot of Japanese fans here too so could you say a few words?
Jaejoong: Okay then I’ll say one word in Japanese, Korean, and English. Japanese: Thank you everyone~ Korean: Everyone thank you~ English: Everybody thank you~
Junsu: I think the only way to answer to all the love that everyone has given us is being presenting all of you with good music. So in order to do that I want to give it all my best.
Narrator: With a perfect performance and fun talk, it’s a new start for JYJ. They will continue their activities in different areas and present us with their various talents.

Jaejoong was chosen to take part in a project that was created between Korea and Japan.
Jaejoong: Hello I am Jaejoong. This time I will be taking the challenge of acting for the first time. Personally it’s a a very fresh and new challenge, and it is very different from standing on stage and having a performance. I think singing and acting is completely different.
Narrator: The other lead role in this drama is the heroine, Han Hyon Joo.
Han Hyo Joo: The reaction and negotiations were good. The setting of the scenes will have a good reaction too, and I think the talent can be felt in this production.
Jaejoong: Thank you.
Jaejoong: Seeing myself for the the first time on a movie screen, I was quite nervous. But I was able to enjoy this experience so I’m happy. From now on, please keep supporting me~

Starring in the Korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal is Yoochun. Working hard without a fail, Yoochun continued to prepare himself as much before beginning the shooting for the drama.
Yoochun: With acting, I thought about it a lot. Before choosing a drama that I wanted to be in, there was a lot of things I had to learn first. During this time, I created a new me. I feel that it wasn’t me that chose this drama but the staff that chose me for the drama.
Narrator: Without deep experience in acting, Yoochun acted with definite expressiveness and contributed greatly to this drama.
Goo Yong Ha: At first I thought Yoochun would be someone who would be picky and difficult to please. But he was actually really easy going and we became friends quite quickly.
Moon Jae Shin: In regards to Yoochun’s acting skills, it seems that there are a lot of people interested in it. But Yoochun is strong physically, good at reading lines, so there’s no need to worry~
Narrator: With versatile talents, our expectations of actor Yoochun continue to build up!
Yoochun: In order to show a great performance I will put in all my hard work!

Junsu: It’s still a little bit embarrassing but as a musical actor I’m really happy to be standing on this stage right now.
Narrator: With Yoochun in dramas, Junsu will be competing in musicals! Debuting with hi electrifiying musical “Mozart”, starting from this month he will be appearing in the musical “Tears of Heaven”.
Junsu: In the musical I’ll be performing in this time I will be portraying the character of a man named Jun who is a military soldier leaving to Vietnam. This is my second time appearing in a musical, and I think this time I will be able to grow more as a musical actor and it’s a huge honour to be able to perform alongside other great actors.
Narrator: The musical “Tears of Heaven” is currently an acitivity being created by a director from Broadway, it is a musical created with high quality.
Junsu: Comparing musical and pop songs in that sense there is not much different so that’s not worrying but since I have little experience in acting I believe that this might be worrying for myself and others too. But I will work my hardest to make it a moving and touching creation.
Narrator: These three members don’t just fascinate us with their singing but also with their acting! This multi-talentedness is the strength of JYJ!
[The Worldwide Concert in Seoul]
Narrator: And here it is! We will now be showing an overload of JYJ’s year end concert!
Narrator: This is the front of the concert venue. Even with time left for the venue doors to open tons of fans have gathered together!
Fan: I want to see the healthy faces of the three of them!
Fan: Being able to see the three of live is the most exciting thing!
Fan: We’ve been waiting for this concert!!!
Narrator: And now we have a brief questionnaire: Who is the most popular member?
(Jaejoong got four hearts, Yoochun two hearts, and Junsu eight hearts! One fan said Changmin which wasn’t counted)
(Caption with Junsu’s face: Thank you for choosing me as the most popular! :D :D :D )
Narrator: In Seoul the winter is cold and there has been a lot of snow. But the warm support of the fans is strong enough to overcome this coldness! And then at 8p.m. JYJ’s first concert: Start!
The members that show an amazing stage!
Jaejoong: One Two Three!
All three: Hello we are JYJ!
Yoochun: This is Yoochun.
Jaejoong: Annyeonghaseyo this is Jaejoong.
Junsu: Finally we meet again! I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. It’s cold today but we will put all our vigor and do our best today so everyone please get pumped up with us!
Narrator: And here’s the next stage! (T/N: Don’t know why it says Mission is Be My Girl Remix :S) If it’s rapping then it has to be Yoochun!
Narrator: Next is the song Junsu composed filled with the emotions of his innocent heart.
Yoochun: Even from now on if we receive your support I will be very happy.
Narrator: Of course the fans will always protect the three of them that continue to shine.
Junsu: With the success of this concert our album will go on sale in America in January and so aong with that we will be promoting the album. We are hoping to hold concerts in other countries too and we want to continue to create opportunities where we will be able to meet each other.
Yoochun: It was really fun meeting everyone after a long time. Thank you very much for always cheering us on. From now on we will continue to work hard so please give us your support.
Narrator: Now beginning as world wide stars, we will continue to pray that one day we’ll be able to meet in Japan!

credit: oxalis02
shared+trans by: sharingyoochun.net

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