09 February, 2011

[News] 110209 Tohoshinki Japan FanEvent “became our biggest strength to move forward”

Tohoshinki Japan FanEvent “became our biggest strength to move forward”
As two people group, Tohoshinki comes back to Japan earning great support from Japanese fans.
On the 9th, Japan Sankei Sports mentioned, Tohoshinki on the 8th held their 4th year FanEvent, and sang two new songs and held a Talk with fans.
On this day Tohoshinki conveyed their gratitude to the 15000 cheering fans. Yunho greeted everyone with “I want to do all kinds of activities in Japan just like before. Everyone became our biggest strength. Really thank you everyone.”
Changmin expressed “To be able to sing more songs, I have became more keen to learning Japanese” “To be able to have more activities in Japan, we will work harder.”
This day Tohoshinki performed on stage their two songs “Why” and “Maximum” from their new single which had earned first place on the Oricon weekly rankings. Also the two member’s analogy of colors further showed their friendship. Changmin said Yunho is passionate red, Yunho said Changmin’s heart is like the ocean so blue suits him. Red and blue together is even more harmonious.
Also Tohoshinki new single”Why” released in Japan on January 26th with 231000 copies sold took first place for January Oricon weekly charts.
source: StarNews
credit: Neverend
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