19 January, 2011

[News] 110119 Jaejoong conversed with his cat Jiji on Twitter, “I’ll starve you.”

Jaejoong conversed with his cat Jiji on Twitter, “Come out now,I’ll starve you.”
The Twitter account entrance of Jaejoong’s cat Jiji has attracted the attention of fans. Although Jiji truly is a pet of Jaejoong, the Twitter account is created by a fan. Jaejoong who has been communicating with fans through Twitter, frequently reveals Jiji’s daily life and photos. Thus Jiji has been very famous within the fans.
In the fanmade Twitter, Jiji called his owner as ‘Butler Kim’ and uploaded a photo of Jaejoong, along with the messages, “My butler seems to fit the description of Vampire very well.”, “My butler doesn’t gives me massages. I’m angry about it again.”, “My butler simply threw the laundry that needs to be hand-washed into the washing machine. This home needs a woman after all.” etc, arousing laughters.
It was especially when Jaejoong starts to ‘follow’ the Jiji’s account that attracted everyone’s attention: “Jiji ah, where are you? Come out now.”, “I’ll starve you.”
The virtual Jiji account has 8000+ followers at the moment and still maintaining its high popularity. Fans who saw the interactions between Jaejoong and Jiji has left comments such as, “Totally in envy of the fan who created the Jiji account”, “This is the most envious thing in the world.”, “Creative person will succeed.”, “Jiji, you are just a cat.” etc. including envy and jealousy reactions.
source: Nate+baidu
trans by: sharingyoochun.net

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