08 January, 2011

[News] 110107 JYJ to Confess about SM’s “Confinement That’s Not Confinement”

It is almost certain at this point that JYJ will be talking about SM through their music essay album.
JYJ‘s anticipated music essay album titled THEIR ROOMS our story is to include their determination to be active as a 3 member group JYJ, their honest thoughts about their first US and Korean tours along with their apparent thirst towards SM through their lyrics.
Especially in the song that Yuchun self composed, Untitled Song Part 1. A portion of the lyrics goes like this:
In 2003, we finished our first match after months of rehearsal
By 2004, we were the rookies of the month
But unable to be satisfied with all of the rookie awards,
We began desiring for more
In 2005, we advanced into Japan
Thought it would be as easy as Korea
But after selling only 4,000 copies of our first single
Our confidence dropped to the floor
We couldn’t even speak Japanese,
Every day consisted of pacing between our dorm and the company
It was an imprisonment under the disguise of what’s best for us
Excessive loneliness, tears, and anger
We said those were what turned us into one,
That no matter what would happen, to never disband..
But I’m going to turn my back to you, since you already changed.
As you can see, the lyrics contain Yuchuns feelings back when he was a TVXQmember. Going through the history and feelings they’ve had together. Yuchunexplained a little about the song:
There were a lot of things that I held back and didn’t want to say anything about, because we were family. But now, I would like to speak up. I really want to speak up. A story that’s strictly ours and not someone else’s.
Junsu also refers to SM as family in their music essay. He expresses:
In doubt that our actions may hurt our families, we were careful, and obeyed everything they told us to do. But one day we learned too many secrets. Being kids, we didn’t know what to do, we were confused at the truth and could not contain our anger. The kind of of family we thought our family was wasn’t. Our hearts are bruised and our souls are sick.
In the middle of the interview, Junsu also said:
Even through the hindrance of whom we once thought were family, we were able to sing once again through the help of a new family.
JYJ and SM and TVXQ are currently dissing each other through subtle words and intentions through albums and through Twitter.
In Uknow Yunho‘s Thanks to, he stated that this album would mark the second start for TVXQ which added oil to the fire.
To this, Junsu expressed his devastation through Twitter:
I thought that it was the enemy of all of us, but it seems that it is not. Even though we’re apart this is wrong. Didn’t we share a common thought?
The situation is blown more out of proportion when Black Beat‘s  Sim Jaewon and BoA joins in.
As fans we will patiently wait as JYJ‘s album hits the shelves January 17th.

Credit: Daum + hellokpop
Trans: hellokpop
Shared by: SYC+C3jj

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