06 January, 2011

[NEWS] 110104 JYJ on Past Girlfriends and the Possibility of Regrouping as TVXQ

The trio of JYJ recently participated in a revealing interview with TV Report, as they discussed their achievements, the possibility of regrouping as TVXQ, and their past girlfriends.
The clout of the trio is unarguable, as they’ve scored numerous achievements in their short career as ‘JYJ’. For example, they received 520,000 pre-orders for their first album, “The Beginning,” and completed a world tour. The trio even ranked in the top five for Billboard’s “2010 Albums of the Year” chart, in addition to having their article featured on the site’s main page.
“We’ve had a lot of promotions in 2010, but because they weren’t shown on broadcast programs or main portals, the public seems to be misunderstanding us. We really did spend a busy year, and although we had individual activities, we’ve also had an Asian tour and a U.S. showcase. There is a bit of disappointment in not being able to promote on broadcast shows. Being featured on Billboard, ranking in on the top five, and even working with top American producers… all of that didn’t create headlines. It’s disappointing that they’ve been recorded as just personal achievements by us,” they stated.

Regarding their relationship with TVXQ, they stated, “We have tried contacting Yunho and Changmin, but we weren’t able to reach them. Everyone has their own personal agendas to tend to. We’re not just any old relationship that was together for a year or two. There aren’t any misunderstandings towards the two. Even though we’re apart, we trust that they know our genuine honesty.”
They continued, “We’ve already saw it a few times in other interviews, but we really do wish that they do well and show amazing sides of themselves. There is something upsetting about them coming out under the name of TVXQ, since we’re TVXQ too.”
On the topic of their lawsuit against SM Entertainment, the three further added, “We’re handling everything as best as we can since they’re all things we expected once we decided to leave SM. It’s difficult, but we’re trusting it to resolve itself and thinking positively.

When asked about the possibility of regrouping as five members again, they replied, “Our situation might look cloudy right now, but we know that that day will come one day. It’s not like we’ve only been together for a year or two, we’ve been there for each other at our hardest, most difficult, and most passionate, all striving for one goal. We dreamed the same dreams under the same sky, so that door of possibility will always remain open.”
The reporter then asked if they felt any disappointment in disbanding when they were at the height of their success as five members in Japan. JYJ answered, “We didn’t think about the commercial benefits at the time. It was just upsetting that we felt the need to break away when we were at the height of our fame (Tokyo Dome Concert)… We made the decision knowing that we might never be able to sing again, so instead of saying ‘disappointing’, I think ‘upsetting’ is a better term.”
They continued, “When we first began in Japan, we weren’t able to promote on broadcast programs in Tokyo, so we had to get our name known through broadcast programs in the suburbs. But now, seeing our juniors achieve success in Japan makes us think that it’s an amazing feat for them to be able to earn attention from major Japanese labels so early on in their careers. BoA gave us hope for our Japanese advancement and paved that road. I think we’d be proud if we were able to allow our juniors to advance into Japan in a better environment.”
TVXQ expressed feeling that their efforts were worth it, judging by the support they’ve received from their fans. “Through our world tour, it felt great being able to meet fans from Europe and South America. It felt as if we were able to show off our music to a variety of people. Especially at our New York concert, 7,000 fans rushed into a garden originally meant for 3,000 people, which led police to come out to the scene. It felt good.”

The direction of the interview was then changed to another topic of hot interest: girls. When asked about their most painful dating experience, the three responded, “As opposed to most painful… As you know, we’ve never just stayed in Korea. We had a busy schedule that required us to travel between Korea and Japan. All three of us have such passion for music, so our girlfriends could never last.”
They continued, “Things other boyfriends could do like remembering anniversaries and going on weekend dates were unrealistic for us. Our girlfriends thought we weren’t paying attention to their needs and would feel disappointed. Honestly, it’s hard for us to keep any long-term relationship since it would get difficult even before the relationship starts.”
Concluding the interview, JYJ were asked what their goals for the new year were. “Our goal is to work hard on our JYJ worldwide album promotion in the U.S. and to show off an amazing world tour starting March. We also hope that our music essay being released this month earns a lot of love. Since 2011 is the year of the rabbit, we’re looking forward to catching both ‘rabbits’ and spending more time with our fans on stage.”

Source + Photos: TV Daily
Credits: Allkpop
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