03 January, 2011

[INFO] Drama “Poseidon” starring Eric and Yunho to air in May 2011

The new drama "Poseidon" is scheduled to air in May. With stars like Shinhwa's Eric and TVXQ's Yunho participating, the drama has already attracted a great amount of attention.

An official from the “Poseidon” production team stated that a letter from SBS Network was sent to production, scheduling the airing for May of next year. The specific date is not yet confirmed.

SBS is currently airing the drama "Athena", which will be followed by "Midas". "Poseidon" will take place sometime after "Midas" finishes.

“Poseidon” is the first Coast Guard Marine drama to ever be aired. Aside from Eric and Yunho, the cast also consists of actors like Kim Kangwoo, Kim Wookbin, Kim Gayeong, Jeon Hyebin, Kim Kabsu, and So Hyeonju. The production team includes director Yu Cheolyong, producer Oh Sangwon, and director/"Iris" writer Jo Kyuweon.

Will you be watching "Poseidon" when it airs?

Source: shinhwa.biz
Credits: Koreaboo
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