14 January, 2011

[INFO] 110114 Oricon 2010 Yearly Market Report - Avex & Tohoshinki #2

On the 14th, Oricon compiled and released the 2010 yearly music sales numbers in the [2010 Yearly Market Report]. Based on the annual sales for [Singles], [Albums], [Music DVD], and [Music BD], Arashi, who made their debut in 1999, takes the top spot for the second year running for [Artist Total Sales], with the highest record of ¥17.1 billion (approx. USD$2.1 billion). For the second year running, Sony Music Entertainment, through artists like Ikimonogakari and Nishino Kana, took first place in the category of [Manufacturer Total Sales]. 


The top 3 in the [Manufacturer Total Sales] category was the same as the 2009 ranking, with the top spot going to Sony Entertainment Music (¥58 billion), followed by Avex Group Holdings (¥46 billion) (approx USD$556 million) in second place, through albums by Tohoshinki and EXILE, and subsequently Universal Music (¥38.6 billion) through the release of Fukuyama Masaharu's best album as well as SNSD and Kara, who raised the KPOP sensation. 


※Aggregation period: Artist total sales (14 December 2009 ~ 12 December 2010), Manufacturer total sales (28 December 2009 ~ 26 December 2010)


#1 - Arashi (¥17.163 billion)
#2 - Tohoshinki (¥9.431 billion)
#3 - AKB48 (¥7.092 billion)
#4 - EXILE (¥6.015 billion)
#5 - Ikimonogakari (¥5.618 billion)

※This chart does not include sales for Blu-ray disc items.

Translation summary: 

Despite 2009 being labeled as "Arashi's year", compared to the previous year, Arashi showed a huge leap in their total sales numbers, going from ¥14.46 billion to ¥17.163 billion in 2010. Arashi continues to leap forward with hit songs, release of albums, videos, live concerts, as well as showcase their talents and charms through their individual activities.

Tohoshinki has climbed up the ranks from third place to number two in 2010. Their total sales also increased from ¥6.89 billion to ¥9.43 billion
 (approx USD$114 million), making the extent of their growth comparable to Arashi's. They completely dominated the DVD sales rankings. Their album charted in the top 10 as well as maintained a high position in the singles chart with their continuous releases.


Source: [Oricon (1) (2)]
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