06 January, 2011

[ADMIN POST] Let's help a fellow Cassie!

One Cassie is working on an English project for school focusing on DBSK! Let's help her by answering this questionnaire:

Hello everyone, how about helping a fellow cassie?! These days I'm working on an English project for school, which subject is, of course, TVXQ. I am focusing on their popularity and creation of fandom.

It will be nice if you will give me a moment of your time, this questionnaire will be used for figuring out some statistics and bringing a more personal feel to my paper.

I need it for quotes too, so write sincerely so I can use your answers.

Please fill it up and send the form with answers to this email:



Fav member:
Fav song:
Have you learn Korean because of tvxq? Yes\no
If not, have you thought about doing it? Yes\no

1st section – short open questions

Those questions are being expected to short answers. Though you are more then allowed to express yourself as much as you like, if you feel an urge to expand your answer J

· When have you become a TVXQ fan? and how did it happened?

· What do you think is the secret of their success? What is the difference from other artists?

· For 6 years the group was running under the management of SM Entertainment. Do you think the group – in the form of the same 5 men - could have achieved the same success without this company?

2nd sections – think hard, dig deep, be true

Appearance \ Talent \ Members' relationships (brotherhood) \ SM Entertainment \ Cassiopeia \ Individual personalities

Here is a list of 6 ingredients in the "TVXQ dish". Please put those in order from 1-6, when 1 is the most important for the group's popularity and 6 is the least important.
You may put more than one item together. Is this hard? Why? Please tell me what you think while trying to do this.

3rd section – very open questions (nice quotes will be taken out of these questions)

· What TVXQ means to you? (Importance comes in all forms and shapes, dig deep and find yours)

Being part of this fandom, cassies are experiencing 2 basic interactions: between you and TVXQ and between you and other cassies.

· How are those interactions being translated in your life? What relationship do you feel you have with the boys? (this is concerning very personal feelings, don't be ashamed of what you feel toward tvxq, just be honest)

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