14 December, 2010

[FANACCOUNT] 101212 Xiahday

I’ve been in Korea since August 21st and I’ve been to a lot of their events. I’m getting
really lucky. I’m only here for a year, but I came at the perfect time. While I’ve been here,
Yunho and Changmin had Seoul SM town. Junsu had his Mozart musical concert. JYJ had their Seoul showcase. JYJ had their Seoul concerts. JYJ have been modeling for Lotte duty free and Nature Republic. Basically, they’re everywhere in Korea these days! I’ve been to all of these events. ^__^ I always want to write a fan account after each event, but for some reason, I was never able to get to it soon. Today, I must though. Today was just too special. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on going to XiahDay. My sister urged me to all the way from America. I thought, “I guess it’ll be a good fan experience for me, since I am a Junsu fan” and I decided to go. I AM SO GLAD I WENT. The city the venue is in was pretty quiet. I thought I might even be in the wrong place. It just seemed too dead. I found a map and found my way to the theatre. Even when I got to the theatre, I thought once again, that I might be in the wrong place (it was so quiet) or that it was already over (I really didn’t look into it too carefully). Then I saw them: Junsu Time hearts leading me up the stairs. My heart started to grow excited! I was late, so nobody was outside (just staff members who were cleaning up). I went in and Junsu’s mother was just getting ready to sing “Nahk Yub” for us. The MR version came out through the speakers and all the fans were impressed! She said, “I requested the MR version from Junsu.” She sings so well: Her voice has a lot more vibrato and depth to it than I’ve heard in youtube clips. She was holding the lyrics in her hand, but I think she had most of it memorized. She had a cold, so after she finished, she said that if she didn’t have a cold, she could have sang it a little better. Cute hehe ^^ She seemed a little embarrassed being on stage, especially when Lim Young Pil was on stage with her. She seemed shy~~
How they brought Lim Young Pil was by announcing that they had a surprise guest (it was a surprise even to them). Lim Young Pil came out and everyone screamed in delight. Lim Young Pil joked around with the fans, saying that he heard about this event, invited himself, and even brought himself over by bus. The emcee told us that Junsu slept with Lim Young Pil the night before. Kyaa!!!!! Can you hear all the fan girl screams? The emcee said, “We’d like to know about Junsus’ sleeping habits.” AhhH!~ more fan girl screams. He said that he brought Junsu’s aroma with him and started waving his warms, trying to share the smell with us. We were all so excited! Everyone was probably imagining Junsu’s smell. Hahah Lim Young Pil chatted about how he needed more fans in his fan club and that we should support him. He’s going to check tomorrow and he hopes to see 2,000 new members. He said, “Junsu couldn’t come, but are you glad to see me?” Everyone said, “Yes!” He said he would pretend that it was his own fan meeting and enjoy it with us. haha He was really funny and easy-going throughout the whole visit! He is a mood-maker. I can see Junsu having fun with this hyung.
After he had his fun with us, the emcee told us that Mrs. Kim was originally going to sing “Too Love” for us, but that fans had suggested she sing “Nahk Yub” because it’s more suitable for the occasion. So, since the MR was already prepared, Lim Young Pil volunteered to sing for us. He said, “I’m not very good, but please be nice. ^^” The music came out, but it wasn’t an MR. I could hear Junsu’s voice! I thought they were playing the wrong track, so when I saw Yong Pil looking to the side of the stage, I thought he was signaling to them that it was the wrong track.
BUT, HE WAS WAITING FOR JUNSU BECAUSE JUNSU CAME OUT FROM THE SIDE OF THE STAGE SINGING “TOO LOVE.” Everyone screamed. Everyone stood up. It was a mad dash to the front of the stage. Nobody had suspected it! He finished the song and the emcee waited until everyone went back to their seats. This is when I noticed Mr. Kim because he had to come out on stage to tell everyone to get back into their seats. (They were both there! Aww)

Junsu seemed so shy as he heard all the fans screaming his name! *^^* Junsu greeted everyone and said that he had heard about previous XiahDays from his parents and that he was glad to finally come to one. He felt he should have come before and was sorry that he didn’t. He thanked the fans for celebrating his birthday! He talked about how he’s busy practicing for his upcoming musical. Then there was the happy birthday song and the cutting of the cake. All the fans sang to him and the emcee told us to use whatever nickname we like for Junsu in the song, so there was a mixture of Junsu’s nicknames at the end. He cut the cake himself! And of course, everyone screamed when he did~ At this point, everyone was still REALLY excited. He totally fooled everyone in his tweet!! Everything he did got tons of screams. Lim Young Pil mentioned it. He said, “When I came out, you guys weren’t like this.” Hahaah It was really fun to have him there with all his side comments. The emcee said, “Junsu’s mom probably has some words she would like to say to Junsu as his mother. She said, “I would like for you to do well in everything you do, just as you have been! I would like for you to go to church more often (Junsu was silently listening next to her and gave a nod of agreement at this~). And please come home more often!” (Junsu laughed! 으컁컁컁)
The box of ticket numbers were brought out. Junsu picked 5 numbers and the emcee said that the lucky winners must come on stage. (All of the fans start screaming, not because they want the prizes, but because they want to get closer to Junsu! Some even yelled out their numbers.) The numbers were slowly called and as each one was called, the lucky winners stood up excitedly and the others looked at them in longing jealousy. The each got a signed (not sure about this) CD and~~~~~~ a hug from Junsu!!! Kya!!! Every time he hugged each winner, everyone screamed. They were full on hugs too. He totally enveloped them!!!!! And Lim Young Pil tried to hug each of the girls too, but they all laughed him off. He wanted fan girls too~~
There was a 6th girl who came up. She thought that she was a winner, but her number was off by a digit. When she realized her mistake, she started crying. Mr. Kim felt so bad. Junsu felt bad too, so they gave her a CD. She was really reluctant to because she knew she didn’t win it. She took the CD and was just going to leave it at that. But then!!! Junsu stood there with open arms ready for a hug. Kyaa!!~~ And of course she went for it! (who wouldn’t!!) (Lim Young Pil got in on this hug so it became a group hug.) He even said thank you to her. (I guess for her fan tears?) He then had to leave~ Boo… Mr. Kim lingered with him on stage. He put his arm around his son and chatted with the audience. He asked Junsu, “Will you come again next year?” Junsu replied, “If I don’t have any work, of course I’ll come!” More screams at this answer. He left and everyone was sad… It was another mad dash- for the door this time. Lots of fans started for the doors so they could try to catch him on his way out! Afterward, Mrs. Kim introduced a
representative from Adra Korea. He talked about Xiah Junsu Village and the current project for the family in Korea. He thanked all of the fans. After, we watched about 40 minutes of video clips all about Junsu~~ Most of it was never before seen footage: there was a video of him and his brother doing a traditional Korean dance in hanboks at a really young age (he messed up a lot, so Junho helped him hehe), lots of trainee video clips of him dancing and singing, and performance clips! (He’s so cute in a lot of the trainee clips! I guess he was really camera shy at first, because he would smile shyly. And, when he made a mistake in his singing, he got really shy about it. Soooo cute!!) During the showing, they banned us from recording it because the content is confidential, so you won’t be able to find these clips. After the video clips, more numbers were drawn by Mrs. Kim because they handed out prizes (i.e. lotion and stuff). What an unforgettable night! My heart is still fluttery! Even Korean fans who have seen him multiple
times are still in shock! Thank you XiahDay ♥

Credits: johnna_ssi
Shared by: DBSKnights + c3jj

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