06 December, 2010

[AKP] 101206 Junsu Has Been Donating To Charity For 2 Years

It was recently reported that JYJ member Junsu has been secretly contributing his share to charity for the past two years.

According to ADRA Korea, a private international aid group of the UN Cooperation, Junsu has been supporting their Building Houses of Love project, which is a project that officially commenced in May in the Dangjin Kun District and primarily focuses on improving the environment of disadvantageous neighborhoods.

Thanks to Junsu and his fans, who have been collecting donations since 2008, ADRA made a decision to utilize the funds to rebuild a house for a family named Kim who is currently living in Go Dae Myun in Dangjin Kun.

Kim’s family of nine had been living a very difficult life in a leaking house, however, with the help of Junsu and his fans, ADRA Korea were able to rebuild them a new kitchen, bathroom, living room, and a study room. The house is scheduled for completion by the end of December.

Junsu’s fans even visited Kim’s family on November 21st and had an enjoyable time with Kim’s children. What made the visit even more special was that Junsu’s parents were also present, and they helped deliver scholarships to the children.

Junsu also worked alongside ADRA Korea last year for their Repair and Improvement project in underprivileged regions of Cambodia.

Source: AllKpop + VITALSIGN + Newsis
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Very proud of junsu oppa ^^ 

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