13 September, 2010

[TRANS] 100913 Jaejoong Learning Kanji

Not sure where this is from, but the original was in Japanese.

A slight change in topic. With regards to Jaejoong learning kanji, on the final day of filming for Sunao, I heard that Jaejoong had to take acting classes and to learn kanji in preparation for the television drama. I never thought that he'd practice writing it at home and look up the things he didn't understand in the dictionary. Hearing it from jaejoong really shocked me… Jaejoong practicing how to write kanji? Jaejoong looking up words in the dictionary? At the mention of dictionaries, I'm sure most of you would think of electronic dictionaries… but it was an actual paperback one! Doing something so old fashioned… Asia's Hero doing stuff like that…. I was really moved. Most celebrities just adopt a stage name that they themselves are able to understand, and even if they learn kanji, they only learn enough so that they're able to write messages to their fans. After learning about Jaejoong's actions, I realized that he must really be passionate about languages. Languages are so important in our interactions with others, as someone who values communicating with others, Jaejoong has really worked hard to improve his Japanese, wanting to further himself by learning some more difficult characters. As I listened to Jaejoong speak, I saw a sparkle in his eyes; I could really feel his determination. This is my Hero.
Credits: herobar
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + C3JJ

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