07 August, 2010

[Project] Faith: Aethiopeia has revised the 7th anniversary project

[PROJECT] Faith:
Aethiopeia has revised the 7th anniversary project and it goes as follows:
  • Scrapbook + DVD gift set for their 7th anniversary
  • For each month, it is dedicated to a members: August – Junsu; September – Yoochun; October – Jaejoong; November - Changmin[/b; December - Yunho. Eventually each member gets their own section of the scrapbook and in the end is about the boys as a whole with unity and friendship
  • Starting August 01 - December 11: Messages for DBSK
  • (text) Messages will be on a scrapbook while both text and video messages will be on DVD
  • If you're wondering how we're going to give them their gifts when its a 3:2 ordeal, the scrapbook & DVD will be split into 2 with the same information for both groups.
  • Video messages are no longer than 1 minute, it can be in group or as a solo.**
  • Pictures of yourself with your fave albums, design work (i.e. artwork, graphic design work) and whatnot are welcome.**
  • Donations are welcome! Email for more inquiries!

**Email us your video and/or photos,design work to this email: tvfxq_north-america@hotmail.com with this as a subject line: [PRJFAITH] Video Message (or what it is you want to send to them)

August 01-25 – Junsu
September 01-25 – Yoochun
October 01-25 – Jaejoong
November 01-25 – Changmin
December 26-11 – Yunho
August 01 – December 11 – DBSK
*Once everything is set up and ready to be sent, I will be taking photos of the project prior to its mailing to Avex & SM
**Only North-American fans are allowed to participate as it is that we’re representing us DBSK fans from here. :]

More info on the Aethiopeia forum!
SME is hosting its FIRST ever SMTown Concert outside of Asia!
AND! Aethiopeia will be giving out FREE goodies!
in Los Angeles

Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010
Time: 7:00 PM
Venue: STAPLES Center (1111 S. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90015)
Seating Chart:

Official Poster:

So what does Aethiopeia have to do with this concert you may ask…
Well! Good news!
We will be giving out Free goodies to those who are registered to Aethie as a member! Since Aethiopeia is the only NORTH AMERICAN forum for DBSK fans, why not show Yunho and Changmin that there is a forum out there for them and that there are tons of support for their future endeavors!
All you need to do are the following:
1. You must sign up to join this special event.
2. MUST at least post 3 topics once you have been registered.
3. Email at: tvfxq_north-america@hotmail.com with this info: (Name, Username)
4. Donations are welcome to have this event to be a successful one. Any will do, if you’d like to donate, there are more information at the donation section. And once you have donated, please state it also in the email as well.
All Aethie members who are going to the concert will be getting customized glowsticks and balloons. I will be checking if you’re part of the forum. If not, you’ll have to have until each member has received one pair (glowstick & balloon).
Also! We’re selling SMTown Tshirts here: www.zazzle.com/aethiopeia
Meeting Information:
Where: Nokia Theater, across the street from the Staples Center, Chick Hearn St (or Dr?)
When: September 04, 2010
Time: 3-4:30PM (strict time)

Come prepared as I have mentioned before! I will check, think of it like will call except donations are welcome. ^^
If there are left overs we’ll be giving limited goodies at a first come, first serve basis.
Look out for Staff members in red shirts and lanyards indicating we’re from Aethiopeia. ^^
This is an awesome way to meet other dbsk fans across the continent and get to meet the staff of Aethiopeia.
See you all there!

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