19 August, 2010

[News] Vote for Mirotic at Era – Carta 9 di 9 (Malaysia Radio)

Hi there Cassies especially those located in Malaysia.
Do you want to hear Mirotic playing in your local radio.
If you do, well, local radio ‘Era’ will be choosing 9 top songs from the votes to play every single day.
Tune in to Era ’9 Di 9′ to listen to Mirotic being played.
*syc note: we are not too sure what time is the program. Maybe Malaysia cassies can help us with this*
How to vote by facebook:
- Simply log in here.
- Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see ‘Mirotic’
- To the right side, you will see a facebook button with the word ‘Suka’
- Click on it and tadaa it’s done
You can only vote once per facebook account.
Apart from that you can also vote by smsing in.
How to vote by sms-ing:
Type 9DI9and sms to 32555.
*Each sms cost $0.50. Terms and Condition applies*

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