24 August, 2010

[Fanaccount] 100822 A-nation Fanaccount: Report from Ayu’s Fans About JYJ Merchandise Stands

Hm…well, I only know about Osaka. the JYJ goods stand was the only one that actually had a lot of stuff sell out. The line was so long it extended out of the venue and the a-nation staff had to make a special waiting area just for people who wanted JYJ goods. XD None of the other artists’ stands had a very long line. One of my coworkers who goes to a-nation every year says that ayu’s stuff usually doesn’t sell out anymore, but they also stock a lot more Ayu items than they do for, say, Do As Infinity (~6 stands vs. just 1, see?). I will agree that there were DEFINITELY a lot of JYJ fans. A lot of the crowd came from Korea just to see them, since the members of THSK/DBSK/TVXQ now officially operate in Japan. There was a Korean lady behind me who was probably over 50years old and she was “kya”-ing just as loud as any of the young women.\(^o^)/ Still, when Ayu was performing, a lot of the people in the crowd had pink glowsticks and uchiwa from her Rock
‘n’ Roll Circus concert.

credit: bringer_of_the_sun @ AHS
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