22 August, 2010

[Fanaccount] 100821 A-nation’10 Osaka

A-nation’s first concert in Osaka ended around 7:00PM
And JYJ’s performance began around 6:30
JYJ were the 3rd to last group to enter on stage
★Today’s live concert, there were a lot of Orange
The moment JYJ appeared on screen, the live area that was already high became even more excited
It was already getting dark outside, red lightsticks glowing is very beautiful
Of course there were many fans of other artists present, but there were really a lot a lot of Tohoshinki fans
Everyone stood up at once
The first song is いつだって君に
Jaejoong came out first, his eyes were a little red, I felt like he is skinnier
Next is Yoochun, with the haircut he looks more stylish
It seemed like Junsu’s hair was purposely made a little messy, very cute~
His blond hair is very hot, it suits him
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★Junsu’s Intoxication! Still very charismatic!
Every time he swings his hips, everyone couldn’t help but to scream nonstop
At that time, suddenly saw the sleeves of his outfit coming off!!
Is it torn? Or is it an outfit designed so it could be with sleeves or sleeveless?
After discovering his sleeves problem, Junsu almost couldn’t continue with his charisma
But still, very hot!
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★Jaejoong and Yoochun Colors ~Melody and Harmony~
In the end when they sang “in love”, Jaejoong and Yoochun’s voice harmonized so beautifully like in Tokyo Dome
They were smiling at each other, holding hands, very warming
During the fourth song ‘Get Ready’, there was a new dance, feels like everyone there were together, this song really is happy!
Saw on the web, their rehearsing pictures, then saw them dance it in real life
The fifth song ‘Long Way’! The lyrics were displayed on the screen, very touching, makes people want to cry.
Before at the concert I didn’t get to fully appreciate this song, it makes me so happy to hear it again today
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★Last song W! Still evoked many tears, their voices, hit the soft spot in everyone’s heart
Even though some people have said Jaejoong cried in the end, I didn’t see it myself
In the last part, Jaejoong missed a beat, not sure if he was chocking back tears, or if it was just a mistake
In reality, I don’t want to see Jaejoong cry again…
Getting to see the lively performance by them three, it was amazing!
source: ameblo
credit: heyjj.cc
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