28 May, 2010

[Pic] CSO Chiba’s twitter update

Yesterday, a mother fan sent Ryuuhei Chiba a cake picture, at which Chiba-san retweeted and replied (the red fonts are Chiba’s answer, the rest in the mother’s (her twitter id is yuminobu) line):

I think I’ll show it when I meet Nakagawa in the gym. Tomorrow I’ll tell him. Yes, he’s the secretary guy. RT @ yuminobu: @ MAZINGER_DRAGON Pardon me~ This is made by my daughter, could you bring it to them?

(T/N: as you can see the fonts on the cake said “Dong Bang Shin Ki” in Korean)

and Chiba-san is sooo sweet as he actually keeps his promise by tweeting this a while ago:

To the person who sent the cake picture. I did what we promised.
Finished the first half of the years wishes.

(T/N: The sms text says) :

Right now I got a contact from Yoshimi-san

It was that Jaejoong and Junsu already saw the picture of the cake on twitter.

*Yoochun is in Korea for his drama so he was unable to see it. Please

source: Mazinger Dragon twitter
trans: Rieko@sharingyoochun.net

shared by: c3jj

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